Using finance & economics as strategic levers to achieve business objectives



Remove yourself from the spreadsheet details, leaving you time to focus on your business. Our team will create and manage the process to reconcile budgets & forecasts with revenue and spend in order to understand cash balances and other key metrics. 


Ensure the metrics that define your business are are your fingertips. We will work with your business to define the key metrics and the process for tracking and dashboarding of these metrics. 



We build financial and economic models that will allow you to raise funds from investors, understand the financial impact of key business decisions and analyze your business through detailed scenario analysis.


 We create tangible, quantitative based decision making frameworks which bring rigor and facts to key decisions, allowing you to consistently achieve your business objectives. 


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I have over ten years of experience in financial, economic, strategy and operational analysis. My work has been used to launch a U.S. based telecom, raise start-up funding, divest business lines, value strategic acquisition targets and development go-to-market product / partnerships strategies. 


At Google / YouTube I held positions in finance, partnerships and strategy / analytics. My responsibilities included creating the business model for Google Fi, setting goals, tracking business development pipelines and negotiating first of kind hardware contracts.


Prior to Google I worked in Strategy, Business Development and M&A for Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT).  My responsibilities included forecasting capital equipment sales for the solar industry, creating valuations for potential acquisition targets and building deal models for divestitures.  

I hold a Masters of Business Administration from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin

Travis Knight

Founding Partner



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